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Stalking Brown


Snowline Brown






our technology

For more than 200 years and already 8 generations Grub's develops functional footwear of high quality. Comfortable sports boots for agriculture, horticulture, equine, fishing and hunting, there's Grub's.

Grub's boots are not just boots! This proves our technology.


Each boot uses the INSU-ULTRA FOAM construction, which provide light and very comfortable footwear. They are also waterproof and insulated so the Grub's boots are very functional.


Our boots are focused on active movements. Thanks to the absorbing sports sole, this leads to an optimum carrying and running comfort with exceptional grip on all types of surfaces.

WARM and waterproof

For the production of our shoes and boots we used for the insulation Chloroprene. Chloroprene has a fine microcellular structure with numerous qualitative features such as temperature resistance, elasticity, abrasion resistance, etc. 100% waterproof to the top.


Grub’s is the only brand that uses self hardening layers of epoxy impregnated material to stiffen the toe and underfoot chassis of our boots to give a sure footed platform and a protective toe that can take the same sort of knocks as high end mountaineering footwear.