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Snowline Brown

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179,00 €
The Grubs Snowline 8.5 boot is a high performance field boot, designed for extreme winter weather and for those who intend on being outdoors for sustained periods of time, and in temperatures as low as -40º C.

To achieve this level of insulation, the Grubs Snowline 8.5 Boot has a fleece lining, a 3mm Highloft air trap layer, a 5mm foam insulation layer and then a tough texturised nylon outer layer. If that is not enough, there is also a 2mm layer of rubber vulcanised onto the foot and lower calf to ensure a completely robust and waterproof boot. A truly fantastic boot specification.

With the Grubs Snowline you will also experience the fantastic Vibram outsole and Duralite lightweight shock absorbing mid sole so you can navigate on any terrain imaginable and be assured that you are provide with superior grip. 

- Outdoor winter boot
- Insu-foam Ultra
- Advanced 8.5 thermal engineering
- Under foot chassis
- Hard toe
- Nitrocell
- Vibram multi sport outsole
- Shock absorbing Duralite sole
- Lightweight
- Highloft fleece lining
- Waterproof
- Comfortable in temperatures from -40º C to 15º C

8.5 technology

8.5 Technology uses INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ bootie with polyester fleece lining combined with our HIGHLOFT™ liner, made from thousands of tiny fibres that allow air to circulate and trap heat, like down feathers. The liner wicks away excess perspiration and creates a comfortable temperature range of -40ºC to 15ºC.