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99,00 €
The Grubs Rideline Boot is ideal for riding or work in the stable. This riding boot merges the comfort and warmth of an insulated boot with the typical styling of a high quality riding boot.

For ultimate comfort the Grubs riding boot has a HexZorb sole that reduces shock to the leg and lower back when dismounting. Grubs also equipped these boots with superior grip and traction for any surface, with the Duraprene Outline pattern and a 90 degree heel stop that avoids the heel sliding through the stirrup, that all equestrian riders will love.  

These riding boot will provide you with long lasting protection in any condition with the advanced 5.0 technology for a tough and insulated riding boot. 

- Riding Boot
- Ideal for the stable / riding
- HexZorb sole
- Duraprene rubber
- Outline sole
- Super-Dri lining
- Under foot chassis
- Hard toe
- Advanced 5.0 technology
- Superior grip
- Comfortable in  temperatures  to -20º C

5.0 technology

5.0 Technology has INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ bootie lined with moisture wicking terry knit, which keeps the wearer dry and has a super 100% stretch to fit most calves and will keep the wearer’s foot comfortable in a range of -10ºC to 30ºC  for a prolonged period.