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Field Mid

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79,00 €
The Grubs Field Mid Height 5.0 Moss Green Boots are perfect to have by the door so you can easily slip on and off as and when you need to go to the garden or garage with a waterproof Insu-foam Ultra shell construction. 

These mid field boots are designed with the advanced 5.0 thermal engineering technology making these boots comfortable in temperatures as low -10ºC to as high as +30º. The superior comfort of the boots means that you can wear them all day without worry coupled with under foot chassis for added support and comfort.  These Wellington boots feature a well tried and tested herringbone durapene rubber outsole so you are provided with superior grip and traction on most surfaces. 

You will be amazed as to how comfortable and how versatile the outdoor boots will be. 

- Mid field outdoor boot
- Insu-foam Ultra
- Advanced 5.0 thermal engineering
- Super-dri lining
- Under foot chassis
- Nitrocell
- Herringbone Durarpene rubber outsole
- Ideal for work, leisure and gardening activities
- Comfortable in temperatures from -10ºC high to +30º

3.5 technology

3.5 Technology has INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ has a fine micro cellular structure, which stops heat transfer through its structure. The microscopic bubbles or air are so small that it is waterproof even in 3.5mm thickness with a comfor ranges sub-freezing to 30ºC.